Wednesday, August 2, 2023, Gold Canyon / Dinosaur Mtn. course.

The Fourth Hole on Dinosaur Mountain; Gold Canyon Golf Resort; Gold Canyon; Arizona USA

Stats from today’s event, Tap here.

VGA Big Dog: Today’s Epic Showdown of Golfing Greatness! Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, because Dave “The Prodigal Golfer” Dean is back with a bang! With his magical swing and unwavering determination, he swooped in to claim the top spot in today’s event, leaving his competitors in awe. With a resounding victory with a smashing score of 67, Dave surpassed the competition by a whopping three strokes. But hold your golf carts, folks, because the battle for the runner-up position was as fierce as a sand trap. Jim Cox and Darrell Ruehle locked horns, both shooting an impressive 70 net. After an intense scorecard playoff, Jim emerged victorious in second place, while Darrell took home the bronze. Let’s not forget our honorable mention, Doug Walsh, who gracefully secured the coveted “Atta Boy” with a solid 71 net. Truly a day filled with golfing brilliance and unforgettable camaraderie!

Big Dog points winners for this event.

Flight one top 3

Jim Cox 1st, Darrell Ruehle 2nd, and Steve Yamasaki 3rd.

Flight two top 3.

Dave Dean 1st, Doug Walsh 2nd, and George Kowalchik 3rd.

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