Saturday, July 29, 2023, Wigwam/Gold Course.

This amazing Arizona gem was established during the 1920s when golf courses were not constructed amidst densely populated areas and certainly not with tight, targeted fairways. At the Wigwam, the golf courses continue to remain among the best. This desert jewel is one of the last remaining golf resorts in the Southwest that is solely dedicated to providing a pure golfing experience. Along the way, canals, streams, and lakes cascade through the course. The shadows on the greens and bunkers are cast by majestic trees, not towering resort buildings. The Wigwam boasts of three 18-hole championship golf courses that offer a diversity that is unmatched by any other resort in Arizona. Here, golf enthusiasts have an opportunity to choose from not just one or two courses, but three 18-hole courses, totaling 54 holes of championship golf, including two courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr. And, in true Wigwam style, each course – The Gold, Blue, and Red – offers a unique challenge that adds variety and excitement to one’s stay at this timeless and relaxing retreat. For guests who are passionate about golf, The Wigwam offers various golf packages to suit every traveler, from family getaways to golf-intensive buddy trips for five or more people. We are excited to announce the introduction of the Warren Schutte Player’s Academy. Warren was the first Hall of Fame Golfer at UNLV. Although he has maintained his pro status for the past 14 years, his focus has now shifted to helping others excel at golf.

Stats from today’s event, Tap here.

VGA Big Dog: The Winners Worth Woofing About! What a doggone hot and humid day it was! Let’s start with the top dog, Brandon Bracy, who was on fire! He not only snatched the 1st place trophy but also holed an Eagle shot on hole # 14, just to show off. Hats off to you, Brandon, that was PAWsome! Sneaking in just one shot behind was Eric Neiland, taking the second-place spot with a net score of 70. And wagging his way into third place was Steve Laveirge, with a net score of 72. Tom Anderson and Joey Hochevar had us all on the edge of our seats with a tie at 73, but they graciously split an “Atta Boy” without a bone-breaking showdown. Great sportsmanship, pals!

Big Dog points winners for this event.

Flight one top 3

Brandon Bracy 1st, Tom Anderson 2nd, and Joey Hochevar 3rd.

Flight two top 3.

Eric Neilan 1st, Steve Laveirge 2nd, and Randy Thomas 3rd.

Full Stats from VGA Golf Genius

2023 Stats click here. / 2022 Stats click here. / 2021 Stats click here. Birdies (skins) scored, Net scores for each flight, all player’s scores, and CTP links, plus a full scorecard for any player by clicking on their name link in all golfer’s scores link. When you get there to find the event you wish to review click on it and open individual options, no password is required.

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Up next for VGA, Wednesday, 2 August 2023 Gold Canyon’s Dinosaur Mtn course.  Recent Aeration,  8:00 AM,   $56.55 tax included. Tap here to get the course website.

The Fourth Hole on Dinosaur Mountain; Gold Canyon Golf Resort; Gold Canyon; Arizona USA

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