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2016 June Boulder winner Ken Baca, pictured with VGA member Bob Watson.

There will be one year‘s worth of Newsletters kept on this page. The very latest link will be one on top. The others will have links to each one if you would like to go back and catch up on VGA news.

2022 VGA Eagle Newsletter July 2022 Q2

2022 VGA Eagle Newsletter March Q1

2021 VGA Eagle Newsletter December Q4

2021 VGA Eagle Newsletter September 2021 Q3

The VGA Eagle 2nd Quarter 2022 Newsletter is below.

The VGA Eagle
Second Quarter 2022
The Board did not meet in June.
Highlights from the First QuarterAces
It is hard to believe, but the VGA has had no recent holes-in-one.

And you thought that it is difficult to get an eagle, not for Devin Smith, he had three this quarter! Devin’s first of the quarter was on April 18 at Francisco Grande on the 494-yard par five second hole. He hit a 330 yard drive and an eight iron to ten
feet. One week later, he eagled the 481 yard par-five 18th hole at Viewpoint. He hit a 310 yard drive down the right side of the fairway and a seven iron to the back fringe and holed out a 30-foot eagle putt. Devin must love par fives. He also eagled
the 488 yard par-five hole number four at TPC Champions on June 11. Nice shooting Devin.

Steve Yamasaki had two eagles this quarter, both on par fours. His first was at Sundance on April 6 on the 321-yard par four 15th hole. His second was atLegacy’s 13t h hole where he launched a 310 yard drive and chipped in from 40 yards. Great shots Steve!

Mark Thompson eagled the 503 yard par-5 hole number 11 Pueblo El Mirage on April 2. He hit his drive down the middle. From 212 yards he hit a four hybrid to the right of the green and chipped the ball into the hole. Way to go Mark!

Mike Roether eagled the fourth 496-yard par five hole at Ken McDonald on April 9. Nice eagle Mike!

Ken Baca’s drive on the 270-yard par 4 third hole at The Duke rolled to within 38 feet from where he holed out the eagle putt. Way to go Ken!

Jim Emma eagled the 328 yard par 4 hole 8 at Union Hills on May 14. He hit the driver and a 60 yard wedge shot for his eagle. Way to fly Jim!

Be sure to send word of your eagles to Fred Baldwin.
Low net scores for the quarter
Jim Foster – 64 at Pueblo El Mirage on 4/02
Gary Vance – 64 at Orange Tree on 5/04
Low gross scores for the quarter
Dan Campos – 72(73) at Pueblo El Mirage 4/02
Mark Thompson – 74(70) at Pueblo El Mirage 4/02
Steve Yamasaki – 71 (69) at Aguila on 4/20
Dan Campos – 70(72) at Aguila 5/07
Steve Yamasaki – 73 (71) at Arizona Grand on 5/11
Dan Campos – 74(74) at Cave Creek on 5/21
Mark Thompson – 69(69) at Cave Creek on 5/21
John Adair – 72(69) at Aguila on 6/04
Steve Yamasaki – 73 (72) at Eagle Mountain on 6/15
Steve Yamasaki – 72 (71) at Legacy on 6/22
Steve Yamasaki – 74 (72) at Talking Stick on 6/29

Big Dog Bites
Standings through July 23
Dave Dean has raced into first place in the Wednesday race with 22 points. Ken Baca also has been playing well and is in second place with 19 points. Danny Clark, in third place with 18 points, has managed to hang in the race after a great early start.
Gary Vance and Jim Cox are nipping at the heels of the leaders with 17 and 16 points respectively.

In the Saturday race, Rusty Silverman took over the pack with 18 points. Bill Heller, the Carver, has sliced his way to second place with 17 points. Ken Baca is next with 16 points followed by Larry Burton and Mike Roether with 15 points each.

Letters to Arnie
Dear Arnie,
You would think this could never happen. I had just putted my ball from on the green when a chipped ball from off the green struck my ball. After a short discussion, we decided that I should replace my ball and putt it again and the other player should play his ball where it ended up. Did we make a correct ruling? By the way, I made the second putt. Reputtin’ Pete

Dear Pete,
You made the correct decision. In general, a ball played from off the putting green should be played as it lies and the ball in motion from the putting green is to be replayed from the previous spot. There is no penalty on either player. See USGA Rules 11.1a, 11.1 b exception, and Rule 9.6.

Dear Arnie,
Recently I hit my drive when I discovered that I hit from the wrong tees. After a short discussion, my foursome decided that I should play the ball where it lay and I should take a one-stroke penalty. Did we make the correct call? Teed-off Tommy

Dear Tommy,
No, you should have re-teed from the correct tees. The penalty for hitting from the incorrect tees is two shots and if one does not correct the error before the tee shot on the next hole, the player would be disqualified. See USGA Rule 6.1. In the future when there is a disagreement or uncertainty about a ruling on the course, the players should inform the event chairman so that he/she can make a proper ruling. Send your golf rule questions to Arnie c/o Fred Baldwin.

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