The latest new info about the TPO 5/12/2024

Tournament Rules: 

This is a two-day event which does not require any entry fee. To be eligible for the TPO tournament prize money, players must participate on both days of the event. A tournament day fee of $15.00 is required for both Saturday and Sunday, which is the same for all VGA events. Additionally, an optional side pot will be available for $10.00. Please note that Big Dog Points will be awarded for Saturday only.

Cancellation Policies:

Golf:   A player who requires cancellation must cancel the reservation 7 days before the tee time or by May 17th (to be safe) if playing the Saturday event. 

Hotel:  A player who requires cancellation may cancel 24 hours before the reservation date.

Prize Money distribution:

The VGA board unanimously voted in favor paying 10 places for each flight totaling $1,000 per flight.  Prize money will be dispersed back to the membership as follows:

Flight AFlight B

Dates: Saturday, 5/25/2024 & Sunday, 5/26/2024, Friday, 5/24/24 Optional Practice Round

Location: Gold Canyon, AZ

Event: Annual TPO Memorial Tournament

Courses/Rates: Saturday = Dinosaur Mtn ($136.58 includes taxes and range balls)  || Sunday = Sidewinder ($88.56 includes taxes and range balls) 

Format: 2-day Net, Open to All VGA Members

Payout: $2,000 total payout to 10 places in both 1st & 2nd flights (20 total places paid)

MORE INFO:     Saturday is our normal day-money event awarding Big Dog points.

Sunday will also be a separate net event (no Big Dog points)

Entry Fees: $15/each Saturday & Sunday (NOTE: There is not a separate entry fee for the 2-day TPO event.)

Available Hotel Accommodations:

Gold Canyon Golf Resort & Spa – 480-982-9090 ext. 1.

Room Rate @ $126.97 per room, single occupancy (rate includes sales & tax-resort fees). Ask for VGA Golf Group, code # 25J964.

Rooms can be shared by 2 players for ~ $65.00/ea. per night (inclusive of taxes).

Cancellation Policies:

Golf:   A player who requires cancellation must cancel the reservation 7 days before the tee time or by May 17th (to be safe) if playing the Saturday event. 

Hotel:  A player who requires cancellation may cancel 24 hours prior.  

Dear VGA Members,

We welcome you to our annual TPO, Memorial Two-Day Tournament located @ Gold Canyon Resort and Spa.  The event is open to members only and guests are welcome but ineligible for prize money

Net total score event w/ Treasury paying out $2,000 over 10 places in each flight (20).  Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa gives members the option to stay & play or simply participate in a single-day event if preferable.

We booked tee times on Friday, 5/24/2024 for an optional practice round, not mandatory.   

The tournament includes both Gold Canyon Resort courses; Sidewinder, May 24th Practice Round, Dinosaur Mountain on Saturday, May 25th, & concluding on Sidewinder, Sunday, May 26th

In addition to TPO, we will hold our normal day-money event w/Big Dog Points on Saturday only.  Entry fees are standard $15.00 paying top three spots in both flights, skins & CTPs.  Sunday’s event follows same format w/o Big Dog Points.  Optional side pots are offered both days.  PLEASE NOTE: There is NO ENTRY FEE into the TPO 2-day event. 

Rest assured, Head Pro states both courses will be in fantastic condition during this time.

The beauty of the golf courses is top notch & worth the trip alone if never played. 

We hope as many members as possible can attend & look forward to great competition & most importantly, a memorable & fun experience. 

Thank you,

VGA Board

Friday, 24 May, 2024 TPO Practice round Sidewinder 1010 pm, $88.56 10:10 am, $88.56.

Saturday, 25 May 2024 TPO Rnd 1 Dinosaur Mtn, and reg point round. 9:30 AM $136.58.

Sunday, 26 May 2024 TPO Rnd 2 Sidewinder Final Round 9:30 AM $88.56

Playing 2-person Best Ball events.

When participating in VGA Events, don’t miss out on the chance to win cash without paying extra. Low handicappers can pair with a higher handicapped member, and through a synergistic ‘ham and egg’ style, you might find surprising results. It’s a fun opportunity to play your own game, have a teammate, and compete for the prize money contributed by the VGA: $100 for 1st place, $60 for 2nd, and $40 for the top 3 teams to split.

Playing Ringer rounds game.

Ringer scores can be used for tournament play. We mentioned earlier that a golf association league is one place where ringer scores are sometimes calculated. Such a golf association might announce a Ringer Tournament (also called Ringers or an Eclectic Tournament) that runs all summer long. As league members play the individual tournaments, they are also tracking their ringer scores, and at the end of the league schedule the lowest ringer round wins in the Ringer Tournament.

Certainly! In golf, a ringer score (also known as a ringer round) is the total score a golfer makes, counting only their lowest scores on each hole of a golf course that they play multiple times within a given time period. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a Golf Course: Choose a golf course that you’ll play repeatedly during the specified period.
  2. Track Your Scores: For each hole on that course, record your scores every time you play. Keep track of your best score (the lowest number of strokes) for each hole.
  3. Calculate Your Ringer Round: Add up those lowest scores on each hole to determine your ringer round. This can be done over short periods (consecutive days, 36 holes in one day, a week) or longer periods (such as over a golf association’s summer schedule of tournaments). You can even calculate your ringer score over your entire golfing lifetime if you’ve saved all your scorecards! Nowadays, stat-tracking programs make this process much easier1.