VGA Online Entry Form

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Wednesday’s Event coordinators are Dan Christiansen & Jim Cox, contact them by emailing them at

Saturday’s Event coordinators are Dan Campos & Rusty Silverman contact them by emailing

Please take a moment to read the paragraph below before proceeding with the form. It contains important information that can help save time for future submissions. Remember, in this form, entries must be submitted one at a time & no more than two weeks in advance. Keep going with your positive energy! You’re doing great!

To ensure your entry into VGA events is accurate and timely, please use your Golf Genius invitation, which will come to each member two weeks before the event in the email you provided to us. When you do that, whether you choose Playing or Not Playing, it’s all automated and does not allow for errors. Our coordinators don’t have to do it. If you want to change your mind and keep your confirmation email, you can go back and either choose to play or not again. If you use any other method to enter and the event is full, you will be at the end of the waitlist. If you find you are not going to be able to make it to the event, call your coordinator of the event immediately. If you know two days in advance, get your confirmation form out of your email and simply check “not playing” and submit it, and you are done. The coordinator has to do nothing, and the first player on the waitlist is notified that they can play. Nice, huh? To create a special folder in Gmail, click here. Any other email programs have similar ways to do it (Google or Bing it). If you need any computer help with this, I would be happy to assist you. To those of you who already know all of this and use it, thank you. You make life a little easier for yourself and our tournament organizers.

Sign-up Policy: All members will receive an email invitation from the event coordinator 2 weeks prior to the event date. You may choose Playing or Not Playing. If you decide to play, you will receive a Round Signup Confirmation confirming that you are either registered or on the waitlist. If you choose not playing, you will receive a Round Signup Confirmation confirming that you are not registered. Keep the response in the event you change your mind. If necessary, you may cancel using the VGA Golf Genius confirmation form you received when you chose Playing. The Golf Genius software confirmation email allows you to communicate directly with the event coordinator. Your name will be added or removed by your input using this method. (1) First come, first served. Those who sign up within the noted period shall be selected to fill available slots first; (2) If timely requests exceed available tee times, the course will be asked to allow fivesomes or provide additional tee times; (3) Late requests will be given consideration only if slots are available; (4) Guests may only sign up one week prior to the event. The price shown is the green fee quoted by the course for the event. Both guests and members pay their own green fees. The price is subject to change based on later contract negotiations with our club. Members are required to pay $10.00 to VGA and are entered into the net prize pot, the Birdie pool, and the CTP pot. Guests may not participate in the net prize pot or birdie pot. (The fee for Guests is $5.00, which enters them into the CTP pot). Onsite check-in must be completed and all fees must be paid to the event organizer at least one-half hour prior to the first tee time shown for the event. The VGA Event Coordinator can deny your entry payment if not paid before the 30-minute deadline. If you believe you may be late, call the coordinators at the top of the page and let them know, or have a friend pay for you.

GOLF COURSES MAY ASK VGA TO GUARANTEE PAYMENT FOR THE TEE TIMES RESERVED. If the VGA is charged green fees for players who signed up and did not show up or cancel 48 hours (about 2 days) prior to an event start time, the players will be billed accordingly. The player will not be allowed to enter additional events until he reimburses the VGA.