Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Aguila Phx. City Course.

Hole 1 at Aguila by Ed Kim 11-22-2023 Amazing Sun Rise.

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Today’s VGA Big Dog event had some impressive winners. George Kowalchik scored a net of 70 and secured the first place in the Aguila event. Three players, Bill “The Carver” Heller, Lonny Rakes, and Lovell Robinson all had a net score of 71, resulting in a tie. Bill came in second, Lonny third, and Lovell received an Atta Boy in a scorecard playoff. Two players, Danny Campos and Charlie Miller, had two eagles, one on hole #5 and the other on #8, respectively. Congratulations to all the Big Dogs for their outstanding performance!

Flight one top 3

Lonny Rakes 1st @ 71 net, Robert Froehlich 2nd @ 72 net, and Joey Hochevar 3rd @ 74 net.

Flight two top 3.

George Kowalchik 1st @ 70 net, Bill “The Carver” Heller 2nd @ 71 net, and Lovell Robinson 3d @ 71 net.

Two Eagles at Aguila today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Danny Campos shot and Eagle on hole #5 at Aguila Golf Course. Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Charlie Miller shot an Eagle on hole #8 at Aguila Golf Course.

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2023 extended season stats / 2023 Stats click here. / 2022 Stats click here. / 2021 Stats click here. Birdies (skins) scored, Net scores for each flight, all player’s scores, and CTP links, plus a full scorecard for any player by clicking on their name link in all golfer’s scores link. When you get there to find the event you wish to review click on it and open individual options, no password is required.

Up next for VGA, Saturday, 25 November 2023 Union Hills (+) 8:00 AM $65.00. Click here for the course website.

Welcome to Union Hills Golf and Country Club! In the Phoenix area, discover one of the northwest valley’s hidden treasures… Less than five minutes from the 101 Freeway and Union Hills Drive lies one of the valley’s best-kept secrets.

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