Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Ken McDonald.

This 18-hole course provides an excellent round of golf for every skill level at an affordable price. This well-maintained course has been a favorite to Arizona golfers and is consistently ranked as one of the area’s top daily fee courses.

VGA Round Results from today’s event.

Flight A top 3

Manny Verdugo secured first place with a score of 68 net, which was tied by George Kowalchik, who also scored 68 net. However, the winner was decided through a scorecard playoff. Dave Dean and Darrell Ruehle both tied for third place with a score of 71 nets. Dave secured third place, and Darrell was awarded the ‘Atta Boy in a scorecard playoff.

Flight B top 3

Pragnesh Shah took first place with the lowest net score of 66 at the event. Gordon Lukert and Dan Russell tied for the second place with a net score of 71, but Gordon secured the position in a scorecard playoff, leaving Dan in third place. Neal Fisel received the Atta Boy with a net score of 72.

Wednesday, May 8th at Ken McDonald, Jim Cox shot an Eagle on hole # 14. Hooray for El Presidente.

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