Saturday, May 11, 2024, Aguila plus 2-person Best Ball play.

VGA Round Results from today’s event.

Flight A top 3

June Vutrano took the first place with a net score of 68. Jim Niblack followed in second place with a net score of 69. Steve Laveirge secured third place with a net score of 70. Matt Brogen achieved an Atta Boy with a net score of 71.

Flight B top 3

After a long time, Harley Ewing finally achieved first place again with a score of 66 net, which happened to be the lowest score of the day’s event. Congratulations to Harley! He would like to thank Matt Brogen for being an encouraging cart partner who kept his head in the game and made the day fun. Donald Majors secured the 2nd place with a score of 70 net. The Dean of VGA, Gordon Lukert, took the 3rd place with a score of 71 net. Despite Cathy Harvey and Brian Dempster also scoring 71 net, Gordon won the scorecard playoff.

Low net (four Ball) Pair Vs the Field

  • 1st place team was Matt Brogen and Harley Ewing 57 net.
  • 2nd place team June Vutrano and Brian Dempster at 58 net.
  • 3rd place team Amy Arnold and Llyod Snively at 63 net.

The rest of the Field is below.

VGA Big Dog point leaders for the 2024 season Click here.

Videos that may help your game

Up next for VGA, Wednesday, May 15th, Union Hills, 7 am, $60.

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