Wednesday, January 24, 2024, Union Hill GC.

VGA Round Results from today’s event.

Flight A top 3

Jim Cox 1st @ 71 net, Randy Thomas 2nd @ 71 net the tie was decided in a scorecard playoff. Rusty Silverman 3rd @ 73 net, and George Kowalchik scored the Atta Boy @ 74 net.

Flight B top 3

Shaw Pragnesh 1st @72 net, Fred Baldwin 2nd @ 76 net, and Daniel Russell 3rd @ 78 with Warren also at 78 net capturing the Atta Boy in a scorecard playoff with Daniel.

VGA Big Dog point leaders for the 2024 season.

Perhaps these video tips could help your game

Up next for VGA, Saturday, 27 January 2024 Aguila (+) 7:30 AM City Rate +10. Tap here for the course Website.

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