Saturday, January 20, 2024, Encanto 18 Golf Course.

Built-in 1935 and located in the core of the city’s historic district, Encanto is the third oldest golf course in Arizona. Designed by William P. Bell is Ideally suited for the average golfer with wide-level fairways and a limited number of hazards making for an enjoyable round for all ages and levels of golfer—spectacular views of downtown Phoenix. Amenities include a driving range and practice green.

VGA Round Results from today’s event.

Flight A top 3

George Kowalchik 1st @ 66 net, Jim Emma 2nd @ 67 net, Danny Campos, 3rd @ 69 net. June Vutrano, Joe Pilewicz, and Larry Burton share the Atta Boy/Girl at 69 net.

Flight B top 3

Warren Meehan 1st @ 66 net, Brian Dempster 2nd @ 66 in a scorecard playoff with Warren, 3rd Fred Baldwin 3rd at 68 net. Doris Page, Neal Fisel, and Doug Walsh sharing the Att Boy/Girl at 69 nets.

Saturday January 2oth at Encanto GC, Amy Arnold got an Eagle on hole # 12.

VGA Big Dog point leaders for the 2024 season.

Perhaps these video tips could help your game

Up next for VGA, Wednesday, 24 January 2024 Union Hills (+) 9:00 AM $75.00. Tap here for the course Website.

Welcome to Union Hills Golf and Country Club! In the Phoenix area, discover one of the northwest valley’s hidden treasures… Less than five minutes from the 101 Freeway and Union Hills Drive lies one of the valley’s best-kept secrets. Click here for the course website.

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