2024 TPO (The Players Open) a VGA Signature Event on Memorial Day Weekend.

TPO Schedule

Friday, 24 May, 2024TPO Practice round Sidewinder 10:10 am, $88.56 10:10 AM$88.56
Saturday, 25 May, 2024TPO Rnd 1 Dinosaur Mtn,  and reg point round.  9:30 AM$136.58
Sunday, 26 May, 2024TPO Rnd 2 Sidewinder Final Round9:30 AM$88.56

Cancellation Policies:
Golf:   A player who requires cancellation must cancel the reservation 7 days before the tee time or by May 17th (to be safe) if playing the Saturday event. 

Hotel:  A player who requires cancellation may cancel 24 hours prior.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Web Manager, Harley Ewing, via email at web@valleygolfers.com.

This is a two-day event which does not require any entry fee. To be eligible for the TPO tournament prize money, players must participate on both days of the event. A tournament day fee of $15.00 is required for both Saturday and Sunday, which is the same for all VGA events. Additionally, an optional side pot will be available for $10.00. Please note that Big Dog Points will be awarded for Saturday only.

The ValleyGolfers.com Team

Our Host is the Gold Canyon Golf Resort and their Dinosaur & Sidewinder courses. Tap the image below to get the Gold Canyon website and all the great info you may need.

TPO Round Results from both days May 25th and 26th, lookup below.

Final Flight A Top 10 in order of appearance

Final Flight B Top 10 in order of appearance

1: Ron Landon, 2: Eddie Little, 3: Jim Foster, 4: Ed Kim, 5: Neal Fisel, 6: Shag Pragnesk, 7: Lloyd Snively, 8: Doug Walsh, 9: Robert Froehlich, 10: Darrell Doust

Saturday’s Flight A&B Top 3 Big Dogs points.

(A) Matt Brogen 1st @ 66, Ben Huges 2nd @ 70, Mark Thompson 3rd @ 73 (B) Ron Langdon 1st @ 65 and lowest Net Score, Eddie Little 2nd @ 74, Jim Foster 3rd @ 75.

Day 2 daily event winners top 3 for A and B flights. No BD points for 2nd day.

A flight winner, Jim Cox 1st at 71 net, Matt Brogen Sr. 2nd at 75 net, and Al Dan 3rd place at 75 net also. B Flight winners Ron Landon 2 in a row at 69 net also the lowest net score, 2nd place Pragnesh Shah At 72 net, and Eric Neilan 3rd at 75 net

Snapshots from the TPO event enjoy.

VGA Big Dog point leaders for the 2024 season Click here.

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