Wednesday, September 18, 2019, / Rio Verde-Quail Run

“We’ve created golf for all levels of players to enjoy.” – Tom Lehman, PGA Tour Professional and former British Open Champion. Rio Verde features two traditional-style courses with a soft desert look. They are more Midwestern in style with a lot more grass than one would imagine in a desert setting. When Tom Lehman led the $6 million course renovation project a few years ago, he achieved his vision of creating two uniquely distinct courses, giving members a never-ending variety of golf experiences. Quail Run has all the elements of a traditional golf course, and White Wing plays more like a links-style course. Common to both courses are meticulously groomed fairways, greens loaded with personality, and outstanding mountain views.

Todays Scoring

Never have I seen this before. Paul Mickela on his first try with VGA I believe, takes 1st place with a nice 66 net. Well done Paul. Now for the weird part. Four other players came in tied at 68 net scores. Two were so tied that the scorecard playoff could not break the tie. Neal Fisel and Larry Burton were awarded 2 pts each instead of the normal 3 pt 1 pt way. First time I ever saw a case of scorecard playoff failure. Dan Christiansen and Alan Yancy also had 68s but shared the Atta Boy for their efforts.

Big Dogs

Low Net Scoring



Next up for VGA, Saturday, September 21, 2019, Wigwam-Red-Patriot (+), 7:32 AM, $45.00. Click here for course information.

This Arizona treasure was established in the 1920s, a time when golf courses did not get built through dense housing developments, and certainly not with tight, target fairways. At the Wigwam, the golf courses have remained at the top of the list. This jewel of the desert is among the Southwest’s last remaining golf resorts built for a pure golf experience. Canals, streams and lakes cascade through the journey. The shadows cast on greens and bunkers are from majestic parkland trees, not multi-story resort buildings. The Wigwam’s three 18-hole championship golf courses offer a diversity that cannot be matched by any other Arizona resort. Here, the golf enthusiast has their pick of not just one or two courses, but three 18-hole courses – 54 holes of championship golf including two courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr. And, in true Wigwam style, each course – The Gold, Blue, and Red offers a unique challenge that adds spice and variety to one’s stay at this timeless and relaxing retreat. For guests that truly love the game of golf, The Wigwam features a variety of golf packages to entice every traveler, from family getaways to golf-intensive buddy trips for 5 or more. We are proud to announce the addition of the Warren Schutte Player’s Academy. Warren was the first Hall of Fame Golfer at UNLV. And though he has maintained pro status for the last 14 years, his focus has now shifted to helping others excel at golf.

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  1. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I am having surgery on my shoulder again on Oct 23. That means I probably won’t get to AZ. until mid Dec. Also probably means no golf until at least Apr. but perhaps May. I will stop in to play cards. Hello to everyone especially the club champ Gordon

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