Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 / Whirlwind Cattail course

Built into the ancient, native landscape is 36 holes of championship golf designed by renowned architect Gary Panks. A true test of golf, the Cattail and Devil’s Claw courses truly are desert golf, evolved. Staffed with talented and devoted professionals, Whirlwind Golf Club has become one of the premier golf facilities in the Southwest. A round at Whirlwind is quiet, peaceful and feels like a destination golf club, yet it is only 11 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Experience for yourself the best golf and dining experience in the south Valley.
Patriot and winner of Whirlwind VGA Event 9/13/2017

Al Dan and Ron Amstutz came in tied at 67 nets. Al won 1st place on a scorecard playoff. Ron took second on the same playoff. Bill Myers captured third place with a 68 net tie with Larry Burton on the scorecard playoff of course. Larry settles for the Atta-A-Boy. Pretty hot out there today. A little breeze would have helped. Summer is almost over and double digit temp will reign for the next week. 2nd week of October should be the last of the 100-degree stuff. Must say that I have never see the Cattail course in such great condition. Whirlwind was making it nice for us out there. On a personal note, I wish to apologize to the folks at the Legacy Golf Resort for being a little cavalier in my reporting of the accident that knocked down some of their property. It appeared as I was applauding the damage. I can see why they may have taken it that way. A poor attempt at humor on my part. Legacy has always put out a great welcome for VGA and I  hope I have not damaged that. They have a great course and all the folks there treat us great. Could not possibly be more happy with their service and course. Once again apologies for my flippant remark. VGA is experimenting with some new USGA tournament software that we believe will speed things up and certainly look very professional.


VGA is experimenting with some new USGA tournament software that we believe will speed things up and certainly look very professional. This is a link that should become a favorite on your phone or computer. Please go on to it and look around and see what you think about it. Click here to go to it. After you have reviewed it please give us your feedback.  A sample is the new field scores below.

os. Player Total
To Par
1 Dan, Al

Valley Golfers Association
80 -5 67 $54.00
2 Amstutz, Ron

Valley Golfers Association
80 -5 67 $32.00
3 Myers, William

Valley Golfers Association
83 -4 68 $22.00
4 Burton, Larry

Valley Golfers Association
81 -4 68 $0.00
5 Watson, Bob

Valley Golfers Association
90 -3 69 $0.00
6 Euler, John

Valley Golfers Association
86 -3 69 $0.00
7 Rankin, Doug

Valley Golfers Association
88 -2 70 $0.00
8 Golz, Richard

Valley Golfers Association
93 E 72 $0.00
9 Ewing, Harley

Valley Golfers Association
97 E 72 $0.00
10 Patterson, Doug

Valley Golfers Association
83 E 72 $0.00
11 Dean, Dave

Valley Golfers Association
85 +1 73 $0.00
12 Nicol, Jake

94 +2 74 $0.00
13 Silverman, Rusty

Valley Golfers Association
87 +2 74 $0.00
14 Haight, Tim

Valley Golfers Association
83 +2 74 $0.00
15 Gunderson, Ron

Valley Golfers Association
95 +3 75 $0.00
16 Dalton, Tony

Valley Golfers Association
88 +3 75 $0.00
17 Fisel, Neal

Valley Golfers Association
96 +4 76 $0.00
18 Giljum, Tom

Valley Golfers Association
91 +6 78


Announcing an upcoming event at Antelope Hills course in Prescott, Arizona October 7, 2017, the 2017Jim O’Keefe Match play tournament vs the Saturday Golf League. We would like to get a head count as to how many of our players would want to go. Here is a flyer for the event and tells you how it works.

The regular Saturday will run in concurrence with the Match play event for VGA and SGL. Car pools should be considered and we definitely need to let the coordinators know early you are planning on being there. It’s a one-day event, so if you prefer to drive leave early. Make hotel reservations if you want more shut eye.

Next up for VGA, Saturday, September 16, 2017, Wickenburg Ranch 8:00:00 AM $55. 

In early February of 2015, Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club made its debut, and for a course built in the heart of some of Arizona’s dramatic Sonoran Desert terrain, it has made quite a splash. Facilities include our spectacular 18-hole championship course crafted among the rolling hills just north of Wickenburg, along with an interim club facility with a golf shop, a small neighborhood market, and a patio where you can enjoy a cold drink before or after your round amidst the unmatched beauty of the surrounding high desert landscape.

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