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This Arizona treasure was established in the 1920’s, a time when golf courses did not get built through dense housing developments, and certainly not with tight, target fairways. At the Wigwam, the golf courses have remained at the top of the list. This jewel of the desert is among the Southwest’s last remaining golf resorts built for a pure golf experience. Canals, streams and lakes cascade through the journey. The shadows cast on greens and bunkers are from majestic parkland trees, not multi-story resort buildings.
The Wigwam’s three 18-hole championship golf courses offer a diversity that cannot be matched by any other Arizona resort. Here, the golf enthusiast has their pick of not just one or two courses, but three 18-hole courses – 54 holes of championship golf including two courses designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr. And, in true Wigwam style, each course – The Gold, Blue, and Red offers a unique challenge that adds spice and variety to one’s stay at this timeless and relaxing retreat.
For guests that truly love the game of golf, The Wigwam features a variety of golf packages to entice every traveler, from family getaways to golf-intensive buddy trips for 5 or more.
We are proud to announce the addition of the Warren Schutte Player’s Academy. Warren was the first Hall of Fame Golfer at UNLV. And though he has maintained pro status for the last 14 years, his focus has now shifted to helping other excel at golf.

Dare I say Larry “Mr PGX” Burton makes it two in a row scoring a 68 net on the Wigwam Gold course. Might add that is not an easy course either. Well done Larry. Rusty “The Golden Boy” Silverman took second place with a 70 net. Did you buy PGX too? Tied at 71 nets were the next three some of Daniel “The Legend” Clark who took 3rd place and Tom Willis and John Euler shared the Atta Boy. Total Result click here.

Player Total
To Par
1 Burton, Larry

Valley Golfers Association
78 -4 68 5.00
2 Silverman, Rusty

Valley Golfers Association
84 -2 70 3.00
3 Clark, Daniel

Valley Golfers Association
87 -1 71 1.00
4 Willis, Tom

Valley Golfers Association
81 -1 71 0.00
5 Euler, John

Valley Golfers Association
87 -1 71 0.00
6 Heller, Bill

Valley Golfers Association
99 E 72 0.00
7 Baldwin, Fred

Valley Golfers Association
90 +1 73 0.00
8 Haigwood, Dennis

Valley Golfers Association
95 +2 74 0.00
9 Lukert, Gordon

Valley Golfers Association
100 +2 74 0.00
10 Giljum, Tom

Valley Golfers Association
88 +2 74 0.00
11 Disque, Eugene

Valley Golfers Association
92 +5 77 0.00
12 Meehan, Warren

Valley Golfers Association
98 +6 78 0.00
13 Weidemann, Phil

Valley Golfers Association
91 +12 84 0.00
NS Kowalchik, George

Valley Golfers Association
NS NS 0.00

Next up for VGA, Saturday, July 21, 2018 Grayhawk-Raptor 7:30 AM $55.00. 

Since opening to the public in 1994, Grayhawk Golf Club has proudly hosted golf enthusiasts worldwide – amateurs to professionals. And Grayhawk seems to shine the brightest when the spotlight of the golf world is firmly fixed on its two golf courses – Talon and Raptor – during competitive tournaments.

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