Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 / Troon North-Monument Course

If you didn’t get to play today’s event here’s a flyover view.

Troon North Golf Club stands as a hallmark of the Scottsdale desert golf experience with two 18-hole courses stretching through the natural ravines and foothills in the shadows of Pinnacle Peak. Giant granite boulders lie strewn across the rugged landscape of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, where Troon North Golf Club combines iconic golf with the visual sensation of the desert landscape, providing a standard unmatched in the American Southwest. Revered as Scottsdale’s crown jewel, the challenge, visual sensation, and special ambiance of Troon North sets the standard by which all other courses are measured. The immaculately groomed fairways, bentgrass greens, and exceptional customer service create the renowned Troon Golf Experience. Troon North’s Monument and Pinnacle courses consistently rank at the top of every golfer’s must-play list. Recent course renovations by original designer and British Open Champion Tom Weiskopf have created two new layouts that bring his original concept to life. Golfers in search of the classic desert golf experience are returning to Troon North Golf Club again and again to enjoy Weiskopf’s true vision. Whether you’re playing for the first time or a regular at Troon North, these two Scottsdale courses in sunny Arizona offer golf connoisseurs the best in desert golf!
Jake Nicol

Jake Nicol pronounced Nichol showing more progress by taking first place at Troon North-Monument course with a 68 net score. Way to go Jake no easy task well done. Second place goes to none other than Robert Inman one off the winning pace at 69 net. Robert scored an Eagle on Monday at San Marcos for which he received nothing to see how golf gives and takes. This time you score big time way to go Bob. A tie for third place with John Bucco and Jim Niblack getting 70 net scores. John gets the third place money on the scorecard playoff and Jim settles for the Atta-A-Boy. Mr. Eagle Dave Dean picked up another Eagle on hole #5 known as “The Swale” take a look the Green and you will know why. Nice work Dave. Next, up for VGA, this Saturday is Viewpoint out in Mesa. A very fun and challenging little course try it you’ll like it. Rest of the field’s scores click here.

Pos. Player Total
To Par
1 Nicol, Jake

Valley Golfers Association
87 -4 68 5.00
2 Inman, Robert

Valley Golfers Association
95 -3 69 3.00
3 Bucco, John

Valley Golfers Association
97 -2 70 1.00
4 Niblack, Jim

Valley Golfers Association
82 -2 70 0.00

Next event scheduled for VGA Saturday, Dec 23, 2017 Viewpoint @ 8:30 AM $ 45. 

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