VGA Board actions affecting Members.

Please comment by number, on items you wish to give VGA’s board feedback on. You can leave a reply at the bottom of this post.

1. Limit the number of guests during the prime season. Discussion: Members are being turned away because of too many guests for a special course. Members are signing up too early with an abnormal amount of guests. Suggestion: Set a policy to determine how guests are put into the field for all courses. Sign-up Policy: Motion made by John Adair as follows: Guests are permitted to sign-up no earlier than one week before the tournament event. Seconded by Jim Bays. All members voted in Favor to approve.

8. Dave Dean proposes bringing back competition between Sat. Golf League and VGA, and renaming the event “The O’Keefe Cup” in memory of Jim O’Keefe. Discussion: Board voted in favor of doing a Ryder Cup format with Sat. Golf League. 6 members in Favor. 5 members Against. VGA will play USGA rules and its regular tournament. Tony will discuss details with Dave Dean.

12. (A) Tom Hecocks made the motion with respect to taking the funds paid out for Presidents Cup Tournament as follows: Motion: One Two-Man Best Ball Tournament for a Wednesday and Saturday. Players will be matched up as follows: A and B player. Prize money will be $200 in addition to the regular prize money for each respective tournament. Prize money will come from VGA treasury. Event to be called the Peterson Two-Man Best Ball Tournament. Lloyd Snively seconded. All members voted in favor.

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