Saturday, September 16th, 2017 / Wickenburg Ranch

Wickenburg Ranch
In early February of 2015, Wickenburg Ranch Golf & Social Club made its debut, and for a course built in the heart of some of Arizona’s dramatic Sonoran Desert terrain, it has made quite a splash. Facilities include our spectacular 18-hole championship course crafted among the rolling hills just north of Wickenburg, along with an interim club facility with a golf shop, a small neighborhood market, and a patio where you can enjoy a cold drink before or after your round amidst the unmatched beauty of the surrounding high desert landscape.

Looks like the usual suspects rose to the occasion today at Wickenburg Ranch. Dan Campos was so good today shooting a 66 gross and 61 net no 30 handicapper was going take his place at the number 1 slot today. Dan also fired an Eagle today on #7.  Fine round Dan and well done. Larry Burton came in second always close to the money. He scored a 66 net. Tim Haight was third at 68 net and Dan Delgado was rewarded with the Atta-A-Boy for a just out of the money 70 net. Was a little cooler today and hopefully caught a little breeze too. Next up Verrado on Wednesday. Remember the new VGA software link and be sure to bookmark it for all the info on VGA events. Example click on the players name and view their scorecard.

Pos. Player Total
To Par
1 Campos, Dan

Valley Golfers Association
66 -10 61 $48.00
2 Burton, Larry

Valley Golfers Association
79 -5 66 $27.00
3 Haight, Tim

Valley Golfers Association
80 -3 68 $18.00
4 Delgado, Dan

Valley Golfers Association
88 -1 70 $0.00
5 Gunderson, Ron

Valley Golfers Association
92 +2 73 $0.00
6 Snively, Lloyd

Valley Golfers Association
101 +2 73 $0.00
7 Silverman, Rusty

Valley Golfers Association
88 +4 75 $0.00
8 Dalton, Tony

Valley Golfers Association
88 +5 76 $0.00
9 Baldwin, Fred

Valley Golfers Association
97 +6 77 $0.00
10 Hebert, Thomas

Valley Golfers Association
99 +6 77 $0.00
11 Fisel, Neal

Valley Golfers Association
101 +8 79 $0.00
12 Clark, Daniel

Valley Golfers Association
98 +8 79 $0.00
13 Currie, Jeffery

Valley Golfers Association
98 +10 81 $0.00
14 Christiansen, Dan

Valley Golfers Association
102 +12 83 $0.00
15 Jennejahn, Barry

Valley Golfers Association
95 +24 95 $0.00
DNF Bays, Jim

Valley Golfers Association
DNF DNF $0.00

Next up for VGA, Wednesday September 20, 2017 Verrado / SG 7:24:00 AM $43.00. 

Verrado Golf Club
Tucked in the foothills of the White Tank Mountains in Buckeye, Arizona, stretching to more than 7,000 yards, and offering jaw-dropping views and rugged natural beauty, Verrado Golf Club is an exceptional West Phoenix Valley golf experience that can accommodate golfers of all levels. After your round, the Verrado Grille restaurant is a great place to relax and take in the Sunset!

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