Saturday, May 7th, 2016-Grand Canyon Univ.

Grand Canyon University GCU at Maryvale
Grand Canyon University GCU at Maryvale

Two players came in tied at 68 net. Tony Rodriquez, the ever steady player he is, won on the scorecard playoff. Good luck Jim Bays got 2nd place. Ron Amstutz came in 3rd with 69 net. Not much news to report except weather and wind were under control. Hope they didn’t suffer another 5 hour + round. Next VGA event, Wednesday May 11 2016 Ocotillo GC 7:57 AM $ 42.00. Bring extra balls to the course as you are required by local rule to lose at least a sleeve.

G.C.U. 5-7-2016

VGA Computer info to help recent problems finding   Much of what you do on the Internet is sped up through a process called ‘caching’ which keeps elements of previously visited websites in a temporary space on your computer.

Caching allows sites to load faster because it doesn’t have to pull every image, frame, video or body of text down from the Internet.

Loading these elements from your local hard drive is so much faster, but sometimes this can work against you.

If you’ve ever gone to a website looking for information that you can’t find or a site that doesn’t load properly, it’s possible that your just looking at an incomplete cached version of the site from your computer.

The next time this happens, give this a try: hold the CTRL button down and tap the F5 key at the top of your keyboard.

This universal shortcut works on all the major browsers and is a command that tells your computer to skip the cache and download everything from the website.

It’s a really quick way to troubleshoot strange website behaviours because if everything loads properly, you’ll know its time to clear the browser’s cache

More info at:‘s-Cache

From: Data Doctors online

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