Saturday, March 26, 2016 Ken McDonald and final round of Champion of Champions for Saturdays.

Ken McDonald

Ken McDonald and Las Vegas. What do they have in common you ask? Numbers like 7 and 11. For me it was 7 7 7, come 11. Numbers that do not a good score make. Ken Baca on the other hand blistered the course for a 57, yes 57 net and blew the field away. Great job Ken. Stephen Jordan and Al Dan tied at 64 net. Stephen scored 2nd on the scorecard playoff leaving Al in 3rd. Drinks were provided to VGA members by Jim O’Keefe’s daughter Debbie and we do appreciate that and we do miss Jim. Next up Wednesday March 30 2016 Kokopelli  8:30 AM $48.00. Let’s all get out and do battle with a tough course.

Ken McDonald 3-26-2016

The final results for the Saturday Tournament of Champions. The following will compete in the Champion of Champions.  They are to play the matches together by agreement. For overall first place: Tony Dalton – Wednesday first place versus Ken Baca – Saturday first place For overall third place: Dave Dean – Wednesday second place versus Bill Heller – Saturday second place.

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