Saturday-March 19th 2016-Cave Creek-& Saturday’s Champion of Champions play

18 Hole Championship Course. 15202 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85023
Cave Creek City of Phx 18 Hole Championship Course. 15202 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85023

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Well some guys you may not expect to come to the top were there today and I mean big time. Cave Creek surrendered to Bill Heller with another stunner 60 net for 1sts place. Second place went to Eddie Little at 63 net. Tom Giljum got 3rd place at 66 net. No Atta-Boys today. Danny Campos had 4 birds and shot 73 gross and lost by 12 strokes. Who’d a thunk it! Next VGA event, Wednesday March 23  2016 Wigwam – Heritage 9:00 AM $55.00.  Hey get out there any one has a chance.Cave Creek C.C. 3-19-2016 Results

2016 Champion of Champion Play for Saturdays.

Champ of Champs 2016 results Sat


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