Saturday, June 17, 2017 / Longbow

Longbow Golf Club provides extraordinary golf at an exceptional value. Inviting tournaments or group outings, Longbow Golf Club offers quality and value beyond the ordinary. Our professional staff is driven to deliver the highest level of golf experience whether it’s on the spacious driving range or in the well-equipped golf shop. Leaving nothing to chance, the creators of Longbow Golf Club have anticipated the guests’ every need and have exceeded their expectations. From its unique architectural elements, a memorable round that is challenging and scenic, to the hearty fare severed up in the grille or on the spacious event patio after a round, Longbow Golf Club is more than just a golf club – it’s an experience. 

Hit them straight but not far. How many times do you have to be told to keep it on the course and don’t get into any trouble. Margaret Storms know what that means and she does it to win at Longbow, a very difficult course. Scored a 69 net to take 1st. Nice work Margaret, someday I’ll take your advice. Three golfers tied at 70 net, Jeff Currie got 2nd on a scorecard playoff with Tom Hebert getting 3rd and Tom Hecocks scored the Atta-a-Boy making it kind of a Tom Tom day. One good bird today and that was on hole #8 by Tom Hebert. Probably paid more than Margaret got for 1st. I’m pretty sure it was hot out there today so hope every one had lots of water to drink. Next up for VGA Verrado-Founders. Rest of the field’s scores below.

Next up for VGA, Wednesday, June 21, 2017 Verrado Golf Club 7:45 AM $40.00. 

John Fought and Tom Lehman collaborated on the course at Verrado Golf Club, a voluptuous design that meanders through the old Caterpillar bulldozer proving grounds. It’s up and down for 18 holes and that doesn’t mean “chip and a putt.” The course is good test with chances to score and a handful of memorable and scenic holes.
Where Verrado Golf Course will eat you alive is in the bunkers. Some bunkers are hard to carry, others collect wayward shots. But the fairways are wide enough to avoid trouble, and what appears to be the safe shot off the tee will often bring greenside bunkers more into play. So pick your poison.
While the back nine is far superior to the front, going out still has its fair share of memorable holes. A huge boulder 30 feet tall on the par-4 eighth jets out from the left side around which the fairway shapes itself. A perfect line from the tee box is to take the ball five yards right off its edge, but hitting the boulder is certain death by desert. The boulder was scheduled to crumble via dynamite, but stood up to the TNT and was deemed an immoveable object. Open and playable for all skill levels, the Verrado Golf Club is a sublime experience.

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