Saturday, August 18, 2018 Camelback-Padre course.

Camelback Padre Course 

Designed by world-renowned golf course architect Arthur Hills, Padre Course features towering trees, subtle landforms, and impressive bunkering to sharpen your game. This 6,903-yard, par 72 design is known for its strategic layout and multiple lakes. In fact, the 18th hole of this course was voted the best water hole in the state by Arizona Golf Magazine. A lush parkland setting with spectacular Camelback Mountain views sets this Scottsdale course apart.

Camelback Padre Scores

So here we are again, Ben Hughes wins Flight one today at Padre course at Camelback Inn with a nifty 61 net. Rusty Silverman takes 2nd place at 62 net and Steve Richter claims 3rd at 66 net. Atta Boy goes to Danny Delgado at 68 net. Flight 2 winners were Kenny Baca in 1st place at 63 net, with Lloyd Snively getting 2nd place at 68 net and Dan Christiansen taking 3rd at 71 net. Dan “The Legend” Clark and Jeff Currie shared the Atta Boy at 72 net.

Flight 1
To Par

1Hughes, BenValley Golfers Association69-1161$43.005.00

2Silverman, RustyValley Golfers Association78-1062$29.003.00

3Richter, SteveValley Golfers Association78-666$0.001.00

4Delgado, DanValley Golfers Association85-468$0.000.00

5Orr, TomValley Golfers Association90-270$0.000.00

6Burton, LarryValley Golfers Association80-171$0.000.00

7Campos, DanValley Golfers Association75-171$0.000.00

8Hebert, ThomasValley Golfers Association88+173$0.000.00

9Dan, AlValley Golfers Association84+173$0.000.00

10Amstutz, RonValley Golfers Association90+476$0.000.00

11Jennejahn, BarryValley Golfers Association95+577$0.000.00

12Weidemann, PhilValley Golfers Association93+1486$0.000.00
Flight 2
To Par

1Baca, KennethValley Golfers Association86-963$39.005.00

2Snively, LloydValley Golfers Association96-468$27.003.00

3Christiansen, DanValley Golfers Association90-171$0.001.00

4Clark, DanielValley Golfers Association89E72$0.000.00

5Currie, JefferyValley Golfers Association90E72$0.000.00

6Haigwood, DennisValley Golfers Association95+173$0.000.00

7Fisel, NealValley Golfers Association94+173$0.000.00

8Storms, MargaretValley Golfers Association106+274$0.000.00

9Baldwin, FredValley Golfers Association93+476$0.000.00

10Meshey, JeffValley Golfers Association97+577$0.000.00

11Heller, BillValley Golfers Association108+880$0.000.00
Up next for VGA, Wednesday, August 22, 2018, Verrado (Victory) 7:30 AM $38.50+.

The Victory Course is unlike any you’ve played. First off, the setting is stunning: wide swaths of green fairways set beneath towering rock faces. Giant granite boulders dot the high desert landscape. And the dramatic backdrop of the White Tank Mountains reminds us why we live here. Also set within the tranquil canyons and coves of the White Tanks, is Verrado Golf Club’s the Founders Course. This breathtaking course has earned a top 5 spot on GolfWeek’s “2016 Best Courses You Can Play,” making 2016 the fourth year in a row Verrado has been honored to make the list, going from number 16 in 2013 all the way to 4 in 2016!

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