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Next up for VGA, Saturday, February 23, 2019, Tres Rios (3) 8:00 AM $45.00. Click here for Course Info.

Tres Rios offers 18 holes of traditional championship golf. No more losing your golf balls in the desert! You will notice the serene and breathtaking views of the Estrella Mountains, abundant wild life, and no hint of urban develpment during your round. Tucked cozily into the desert foothills, this oasis insulates golfers from the desert environment, lending an opportunity to soak up Arizona’s warmth and sunshine in the sanctity and shade of stately eucalyptus trees. Make sure to reserve your tee time now to ensure your opportunity to play this oasis in the desert!

The Event Coordinators

Wednesday events contact is Neal Fisel at 623-363-6658  or email Neal Fisel. Saturday events contact is Fred Baldwin at 480-282-3207 or email Fred Baldwin. Want to know what to expect?  Click here. Read the complete sign-up rules by clicking on this link prior to signing up if you are not familiar with them. They will govern your entry.

Course info and Tee sheets 

To obtain Course info connect to their website by clicking the link at the top of the page. To view any Pairing (Tee sheets) or Handicap or results, VGA-USGA-Golf Genius Portal Click here anytimeAs a general rule tee sheets are published 2 to 3 days in advance of the event.  If you do not find your name on the T sheet then you must call the event coordinator immediately if you wish to play.  Do not be left out always make sure your name is on the T-Sheet.  Results for the VGA events will be published immediately after the closing of the event paperwork usually at the course.  Past and present events can be retrieved to see results. 

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At this current time, we are sending out invitations for every event to every player on our roster via e-mail.  If you are not receiving our emails please contact the event coordinator for that particular event.  You will be asked to either sign up for playing or not playing.  Please check the correct box when you receive it. You will be signed up for the event that you’ve chosen.  The form automatically sends you a confirmation of your entry or declining entry. You will be given an opportunity to send a message back to the coordinator after you have declared Playing or Not Playing on the confirmation you get.  Questions about this page info may be directed to 

Legend (Range balls inc. unless marked 1=no range balls, 2=Lunch, 3=food credit or another prize +=Plus tax) Please fill out the form with all required entries below. 

Winners and Losers for 2019 and 2018

2019 VGA Event Winners2018 Final VGA Event Winners  / VGA Special events here. Please review the sign-up policy.  Using our online entry form is the preferred way to enter. Find Events schedule click here.

VGA Special Events for 2019

2019 VGA Club Championship

Don Peterson Two-Man Better Ball Events.

The Don Peterson Two-Man Low Net tournaments are set for February. The Wednesday event is February 27, 2019, San Marcos 8:30 AM $55.00 + 4-ball match play. The Saturday event is March 9, 2019 Union Hills, 8:00 AM, $49.00 + 4-ball match play. As in the past, members will be paired by the event coordinator based on their handicaps. Prize money will be awarded to the following places: first place – $100, second – $60, and third – $40. These are fun events. Come out and play with one of your golfing colleagues and maybe get some cash. No extra entry fee to play. Free Money?

Don Peterson past VGA president and among the founders of VGA. An excellent golfer a true friend and organizer. Rest in Peace.

John Pierce Green Valley Open Tournament.

The John Pierce Open Tournament is a stroke play tournament, usually held in late May or early June at venues typically in or around the Green Valley, Arizona area. A tournament is a three-day event covering Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a practice round on Thursday for those invited to participate. The VGA recognizes this event as an official tournament and all individual scores are posted daily as tournament scores in accordance with USGA rules. However, the VGA Board of Directors has designated this event only for the purpose of counting these rounds towards the 10 VGA rounds required for eligibility to play in the Club Championship. This means there are no Big Dog points awarded or hole-in-one prizes awarded. The VGA treasury does not contribute funds for this tournament. Entry fees are collected from participants and prizes paid to winners in amounts solely determined by the event coordinator.

John Pierce collecting prizes. If you wish to be enter check with Danny Campos or Lloyd Snively or Rusty Silveman.

Jim O’Keefe Cup Matchplay.

The Jim O’Keefe Cup is Ryder Cup-style tournament played each year between the VGA and the Saturday Golf League. The tournament consists of single matches and four-ball matches. The inaugural tournament was played in the fall of 2016. The cup is named in honor of Jim O’Keefe a long-time member who served as treasurer of the VGA for 20 years and also served on the VGA Board for many years. Jim passed away in March of 2016.

Rest in peace, James “Joker” O’Keefe
Complete results click here for the John Pierce Green Valley Invitational held May 24-27 in Green Valley AZ.

Champion of Champions Event

The Champion of Champions tournaments is set for early May 2018. The Wednesday tournament is scheduled for May 9 at Lookout Mountain and May 16 at The 500 Club. The Saturday tournament is scheduled for May 12 at ASU and May 19 at Aguila. It is a two-week handicapped total strokes event for those members who won at least one VGA Wednesday or one Saturday tournament in the previous year (November 1, 2016, through October 31, 2017). The Wednesday and Saturday winners will have an 18-hole playoff to decide the overall Champion of Champions and the second place finishers will play for an overall third place. Prize money will be awarded at the annual banquet as follows; first place – $100, second place – $60, and third place $40. There is a $10 fee to enter each event.