Harley on Hole #7 Ocotillo Blue

Today I guess I proved an old golf adage, if you roll enough balls toward a par three cup eventually it will go in. It did today for me at Ocotillo Blue course hole #7. It was playing 126 yards today. I was shooting last and had been playing my usual hellter skelter good bad game but today I had one thing going for me. Luck and I had more than my share of it today. Using a Ping 9 iron which for that shot should have been more than I needed and yellow Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis ball. Fortunately I sculled the shot and it hooked right into the little swale in that green. It rolled to the top of the swale reversed it’s course and went directly into the hole. Luck surpasses skill every time. I have made 4 eagles longer then that shot but this was my first hole in one. I hit some other amazing shots today but that was the most thrilling for me.

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