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Membership is open to Men & Women

For emailed information or requests: email: VGA Web Manager

Please use the online entry form here to enter events or better still use the invitation you will get from 2022 GG stats, and 2021 GG stats. The event coordinators are listed below, but please use the Golf Genius invitation first.

Wednesday Events coordinators are Neal Fisel at (623) 363-6658 or Email, and Jim Cox at (480) 221-7492 or Email. You must sign up no later than the Sunday prior to the event. Saturday Events coordinators are Dan Campos at (602) 481-5560) or Email and Dan Christiansen at (602) 481-0811 or Email. You must sign up no later than the Wednesday prior to the event.

VGA 2023 Support Team

Committees & Special Assignments

Tournament Committee – Larry Burton (Wednesday’s events) / Danny Campos (Saturdays events)

Handicap Committee – Neal Fisel / Dan Christiansen / Ken Slagle

Rules Committee – Danny Campos / Neal Fisel / Rich Golz

Website Managers – Harley Ewing (Blog and updates) & Tom Hebert. Tom and his company have donated Server time to Power the VGA website at no charge. Thank you, Tom, for your help.

VGA Board of Directors

  • John Adair
  • Mark Alway
  • Dan Campos
  • Dan Christiansen
  • Jeff Currie
  • Jim Cox
  • Tom Hebert
  • Tom Hecocks
  • Ben Hughes
  • Warren Meehan
  • Rusty Silverman
  • Lloyd Snively

To all VGA Members,

VGA’s Board holds its quarterly meeting in the first week of December, March, June, and September and is soliciting all members for agenda items for discussion. If any of you have any worthwhile suggestions that you believe could improve VGA, please email your item or suggestion to Rusty Silverman our association Secretary to be placed on the items for discussion for the upcoming meeting.

Send your opinion letter to the Board now.