2016 Champion of Champions and Presidents Cup results.

Tony Dalton 2016 Champion of Champions winner, and President’s Cup winner too.

Champion of Champions final

Champion of Champions playoff between Tony Dalton for Wednesdays and Ken Baca for Saturdays played out last Saturday. Winner was Tony Dalton by 5 strokes 70 net to 75 net. Well done Tony and great job by Ken just to get there. 

The President’s Cup tournament, (Wednesday, April 13, 2016 and Saturday, April 16, 2016.) is open to all active members of the VGA. Since the VGA plays every Wednesday and every Saturday, the members can enter the tournament to play on Wednesdays, or Saturdays, or both. Participants must be willing and available to play on consecutive weeks until final winners are determined or they are eliminated from competition by losing their match. On the first day of the tournament, participants are paired by blind draw and each pair competes in a net hole by hole match until a winner is determined. On consecutive Page 1 Valley Golfers Association Tournaments Wednesdays and Saturdays, the previous week’s winners compete in pairs until one Wednesday pair and one Saturday pair remains. The winner of the final Wednesday pair then competes with the winner of the final Saturday pair for overall tournament first and second place. The losers of those matches must schedule a separate match to determine a winner for overall tournament third place. All matches are played under net hole by hole match play rules. The entry fee for competition is $10.00 paid by each participant to the tournament coordinator prior to the first match. No additional fees are required for subsequent matches. Each winner of each match throughout the tournament immediately receives $10.00 for the win. For the overall tournament, The VGA treasury pays $100.00 to the first place winner, $60.00 to the second place winner, and $40.00 to the third place winner. The treasury money is awarded at the annual awards dinner if the tournament winners are then known. If not, the awards are made upon completion of the tournament.

2016 President’s Cup Results

wednesday finalSaturday final

Tony Dalton 2016 Champion of Champions
winner and President’s Cup winner too.
John Pierce,"Mr Cheese" Wednesday winner of Presidents Cup Competition.
John Pierce,”Mr Cheese” Wednesday 
winner of Presidents Cup Competition.






Tony Dalton is the finalist for Saturday’s competition and John Pierce “Mr Cheese if you please” is Wednesday’s finalist. These two will finish off by playing each other again in match play to capture the President’s cup. Neal Fisel who was beaten by Tony last Saturday will get 3rd place. Having observed Tony and John play last Wednesday for the Wednesday crown, it would be worthwhile to be a fly on the golf cart. Let the match begin soon and may the better player win. And they did finally get it done. Earth and Fire came together and no quarter was given. Tony Dalton prevailed 5-4 and sent John Pierce home from Dove Valley defeated in match play but not in life. Like I said wish I could have been there. Tony nice job man you are taking home all the gold.

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